Walking Wolf
by Nancy A. Collins

A foundling raised by the Comanche, WALKING WOLF is an honest-to-goodness werewolf. He carries great status as his tribe's resident shape shifter until the day arrives when he loses control of his dark nature and destroys his lover and his one-time best friend. He then decides to try passing for white, only to discover that the ways of some settlers are as savage as anything he could imagine among his adopted people.

Collins, author of SUNGLASSES AFTER DARK and former writer of the SWAMP THING comic book, has a fine old time concocting a tale that's half Stephen King, half Larry McMurtry. WALKING WOLF crosses paths with a wild assortment of characters, including a maniacal preacher, Sitting Bull and an unstoppable bounty hunter sworn to destroy all werewolves. The novel's brevity proves a virtue, allowing Collins to keep the pace cranked high.

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