Red Roses For A Blue Lady

by Nancy A. Collins

The author of the popular Sonja Blue novels here presents all of her heroine's short

stories, prefacing them with an interview in which she discusses the origins and

popularity of the character, a vampire who hunts her own kind. The stories proper

include "Cold Turkey," in which a young man, Judd, pursues Sonja romantically and

tragically brings out her "other"--the part of her that is a predatory vampire. In

"Tender Tigers," Sonja encounters the stepdaughter of an ogress and determines to

free the girl and her enslaved father from the ogress' grasp. "Variations on a

Theme" borrows a bit from the popular graphic-novel series The Crow; in it Sonja

discovers two murdered lovers, one of whom has been changed into a revenant to

avenge his dead lover. These absorbing stories, half of which are debuting in this

collection, are dark and introspective, and show just why Sonja Blue is popular

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