Michael P. Rose

A Cal State Northridge graduate, Michael has adapted and worked with numerous award-winning authors as well as written a variety of original material. A veteran of the Coppage Company, several of his titles are listed below.


NBA team mascot Henry Holiday, fresh out of rehab, has to navigate a world of spoiled bad-boy athletes, an eccentric billionaire and nympho cheerleaders while trying to clean up his life and keep everyone around him happy. A hilarious look at seedier side of professional sports that keeps Henry on the edge of sanity.

PURSUIT: EVA (Feature)

In the dying days of World War II, while the world believed Eva Braun was dead, she was fleeing across Europe with Adolf Hitler's unborn child. The plan was almost perfect until Agent Woody Ward, a counterintelligence officer in the United States Army, put together the pieces. He goes undercover as a Nazi fleeing Europe through an underground railroad, in hopes of capturing Eva and her bodyguard, a ruthless SS Officer loyal only to Adolf Hitler, before thay can carry out his final orders. Rose has adapted the novel written by Ib Melchior as a feature screenplay.


Darryl has been through a lot in his 27 years. As a child, he lost his parents and as an adult, he loses his older sister. He now manages the same Long Island grocery store where he’s worked since high school. His life changes when Cara Daniels, his high school sweetheart and current rising film star, walks back into his life. It doesn’t take long for the two of them to reconnect. Their future is looking bright until Sage Eaton, an action film star and Cara's jealous ex-boyfriend comes knocking on his door. Sage does everything he can to destroy their relationship. When Cara is offered the role of a lifetime and has to leave town immediately, Darryl must improvise and dodge everything Eaton throws his way to get to Cara before she leaves him for good. LONG ISLAND ICED TEA is an original screenplay.


The Wind River Kid layed down his guns decades ago. Now he's the only inhabitant of the dusty Colorado ghost town of Elkhorn. His only friends are the wildlife and the ghosts in his head. And he likes it that way. When he gets two unexpected young visitors, Wind River has to relearn what it is like to live with other people. An unlikely friendship forms between himself and the young couple. But they aren't in Elkhorn for a vacation and sooner or later what they are all hiding from is going to confront them face to face whether they like it or not. Based on the book by Kerry Newcomb.

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