Jenny And Barnum

by Roderick Thorp

Showman par excellence, inventor of the circus, Phineas T. Barnum is quickly becoming a legend in 19th-century America. Riding high on his success with his flamboyant shows and his New York Museum, Barnum is thought to have captured the spirit of the country. People flock to see his discoveries – the most notable of which is the tiny Tom Thumb, the smallest man in the world and Barnum’s partner – and leave with a renewed faith in the magical.

Barnum, the promoter and self-promoter, has come up with a new scheme: he has enticed Europe’s most famous singer, The Swedish Nightingale, Jenny Lind, to join his troop. Cautiously, the timid but determined Jenny encounters America and Barnum: she’s not prepared for either. In the carnival atmosphere surrounding the World’s Greatest Showman, Jenny and Barnum become unlikely but passionate lovers, locked in a sweet, troubled affair that threatens ruin to their careers and lives.

Barnum fights a deep, inner battle between the showman-promoter, who will use the woman he loves to catapult him to greater fame, and the sincere, vulnerable man who finds in middle age the love he always sought.

Spanning continents and decades, JENNY AND BARNUM succeeds in capturing the rich, evocative love of two of the world’s legendary entertainers.

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