Jasmine Nights
by S.P. Somtow

It is 1963. Twelve-year-old Justin has been entrusted to the care of three maiden aunts, an ancient great-great-grandmother, and a wicked uncle, on an exotic and protected estate. Breaking through the superficialities of family tradition with his own restless imagination as his guide, the boy tumbles through a year of magic and discovery, after which he will never be quite the same.

JASMINE NIGHTS is about the American civil rights movement, the Kennedy assassination, growing up in the sixties, the Thai aristocracy, the sexual eccentricities of relatives, and the meaning of friendship. Justin's search for his place in the modern world takes him far beyond his home, on an uproarious and heartrending inner journey through other lands and centuries. His adventure is a joyous testament to the resiliency and implicit goodness of the human spirit.

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