Ib Melchior

Ib Melchior is a best-selling author, as well as a motion picture writer, director in Hollywood with some twelve feature films and numerous TV shows to his credit. He was born September 17th, 1917 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he received his education, majoring in literature and obtaining a post graduate degree from the University of Copenhagen. As co-director of the British theatrical Company, he came to the United States to do a Broadway play just before the outbreak of World War II. When Pearl harbor was attacked, he offered his services to the US Armed Forces. He spent two years in the European Theater of operations as a Military Intelligience Investigator. For his work, among other honors, he was decorated by the US Army and knighted by the King of Denmark.

After the war he bacame active in television and began his writing career. He has directed over 500 TV shows inlcuding "The Perry Como Show" and "The March Of Medicine". He has won several national awards for TV and documentary film short subjects that he wrote and directed and he has written several scripts for televison series, among them "Men Into Space" and "The Outer Limits". As the creator of "Space Family Robinson"/"Lost In Space" he served as Special Advisor on the feature film produced by Prelude Pictures and New Line Cinema in 1998.

Melchior is the author of the best-selling, critically acclaimed novels based on his own exploits as a CIC Agent in WW II, "Order of Battle", "The Sleeper Agent", "The Haigerloch Project", "The Watchdogs of Abaddon" and "The Marcus Device" all published by Harper & Row. "The Tombstone Cipher" by Bantam, and "Eva", "V-3" and "Code Name Grand Guignol" by Dodd Mead. "Steps and Stairways" and "Reflections on the Pool", with Cleo Baldon, published by Rizzoli. "Quest", "Hitler's Werewolves" and "Case By Case" (autobiographical) by Presidio Press and "The Golden Years of Bayreuth" by Baskerville. His current publications are, "Melchior A La Carte" and "Six Cult FIlms From the Sixties" published by Bear Manor Media, 2009. Melchior's books have been published and translated in 25 countries. His biography "Ib Melchior: Man of Imagination", by Robert Skotak was published in 2000 by Midnight Marques Press.

Melchior's novel, EVA, was recently optioned by producer Kevin Bannerman. Karen Janszen (DOLPHIN TALE) is adapting.

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