Greg Kihn

Greg Kihn has been called “rock’s true renaissance man.” His career stretches from the dawn of punk and indie rock to the discos of the 80’s and the glory days of MTV. As a pioneer at the legendary Beserkley Records, he helped write the book on revolutionary west coast rock and roll.

He’s toured the world, had hit records, done Saturday Night Live, opened for the Stones, jammed with Springsteen, won the ASCAP and Midem Awards for his worldwide #1 hit Jeopardy, lived the rockstar lifestyle to the hilt, won and lost several fortunes, and lived to tell about it. But music is only part of the story.

In the 90’s Greg turned his attention to writing fiction. He published four novels, a handful of short stories in various anthologies, edited a compilation of original fiction by musicians and was nominated for the prestigious Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel.

It was also in the 90’s that he began his radio career at a little classic rock station in San Jose which grew to become the most powerful music station in Northern California. Greg, now broadcasting from KFOX’s penthouse studio in San Francisco, has been doing the morning show there for the past 15 years. He has become the face of classic rock in San Francisco.

Greg was inducted into the San Jose Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 2008. A recent Google search for Greg Kihn yielded 628,000 results in .09 seconds.

Greg's novel, Rubber Soul, was published last year by Open Road Integrated Media. His newest novel, Painted Black, will be published by ORIM in April 2015.

After a lifetime of rock & roll, and decades on the road and behind the microphone who else but Greg Kihn could have written this story?

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