by Ozzie Cheek

When twenty-three lions, tigers, and ligers - a giant, hybrid cat - appear in rural Idaho, town officials decide to hold the first safari in America. Only Police Chief Jackson Hobbs, a man haunted by loss and tragedy, and Katy Osborne, a talented hunting guide, seem to realize the potential danger of this situation. With the town desperate for money, Jackson's ex-wife, the mayor, and her boyfriend are adamant that the Idaho Lion Hunt go forward even after people are killed. As the death toll rises and his own family is put at risk, Jackson must cope with a town doubled in population, the activity of a local anti-government militia, a willful teenage daughter, an animal rescue group, a missing little boy, a dead State Trooper and Katy's desire to save a rare liger named Kali. Betrayel blossoms alongside romance as the story drives towards the final showdown and the truth of the identity of those who engineered this predator panic.

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