Angels On Fire
by Nancy A. Collins

Struggling artist Lucy Bender is at the end of her rope. After being betrayed by both her boyfriend and a jealous rival in the cutthroat art world, she finds herself standing on the roof of her New York apartment, contemplating suicide. Her luck is changed, however, when a misplaced angel named Joth plummets to earth, landing at her feet. Lucy's first thought is to alert the media, in the form of a sleazy reality TV show. But her dreams of instant fame and fortune are cut short when she discovers she's the only person who can see Joth for what he truly is. Making things even more difficult is the realization that the downed angel is attracting attention from other servants of the Infernal Machine, lead by the daemon Meresin, who is eager to add Joth to his roster of imps and devils. Lucy is befriended by Ezrael, who was once like Joth and is now a wandering Muse. Ezrael warns her if Joth fails to find its way back to where it came from, it will automatically become a daemon, unless it chooses to become mortal. The only catch is that angels don't have free will. Can Lucy save her fallen agel from falling further still? And is she willing to knock on heaven's door to do so.

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