by Nancy A. Collins

LYNCH is a unique story that continues the legend of FRANKENSTEIN and places it in the old west. While Victor Frankenstein and his infamous monster are only mentioned in name, the mythology and themes that are present in Mary Shelley's classic are alive and well in LYNCH.

When Jonnny Pearl rolls into Charelston, Wyoming all he has is his guns, his bad reputation and a lifetime of war and death to reflect upon. It isn't hard to figure out why drowning himself in whisky and putting a bullet into his brain seems like a good way out. If it wasn't for Katie, a half Cheyenne Indian who happens to walk in on him as he is about to kill himself, Johnny's life may very well have ended in Charelston that night. However, fate had different plans.

Johnny and Katie get married and live in their own settlement without a neighbor for miles. Johnny puts away his guns, and the two of them live a happy, modest life on their own, until Captain Antioch Drake and the U.S. Cavalry shows up and brings that life to an abrupt halt. Drake's zero tolerance policy for Indians and Indian sympathizers applies to Johnny and Katie as well, even if she is only half squaw and he is a white man. Drake's soldiers trample Katie and her unborn child. Johnny is hanged and left for dead. And that is how he remains until Dr. Mirablis and his assistants show up.

Mirablis is an elderly genius and former contemporary of Dr. Victor Frankenstein. The two of them worked together to bring the dead back to life. Where Victor failed, Mirablis was successful. He manages to bring Johnny back to life, with almost all his faculties in tact, save the memories of his former life. He has enhanced abilities, strength, stamina and feels no pain. Eventually his memories do return with the help of an Indian shaman who was also reanimated by Mirablis. Johnny, who has been renamed Lynch after the scene of his death, heads out to seek revenge on those who took away his life with katie.

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